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Birthdate:Jun 14
Location:California, United States of America
A big city girl living out her first year of college in a tiny cow town. 18 years old and still very childish. And wordy.

she loves

having songs like 'True' by the Spandeau Ballet as her ringtone, because when her phone rings and she's on a crowded bus, everyone starts to smile when they hear it (Buh buh buh, buuuuh buh! I know- it's, myyyy chance true-ooh) and look around wondering who the hell is playing it // looking at swatches, picking out color schemes, looking at floorplans, building models on The Sims 3, and checking out all the new houses that the guys holding giant arrows direct people to // hop into the shopping carts in Costco, despite her age, and have her sister push her down the aisles, laughing like a madwoman // peeling corn, because she thinks it's really, really fun, and that people should do it more often, because it makes the funnest noise ever (like a rip, but a squelchy rip)// going to weddings; not because of the look on the bride's face or anything, but because of the planning and dancing and open bars and dress shopping

she is

an in-class daydreamer // a person who has dreamt about saving chimpanzees that were loose in her school (her middle school, to be exact, but with her high school classmates?) by shipping them across an ocean (or was it a lake?) to a desert camping ground in the middle of a thunderstorm- all while trying not to be late for history class // a terrible dancer, but does it anyways- especially around her mom and sister, because she loves to embarrass them, but mostly with little kids at preschool during recess // allergic to Chapstick, shrimp, Clean and Clear, and sunblock, and therefore, sunburns terribly // a comma abuser, and the run-on sentence type // not a fan of finding jellyfish in her pile of sand when she's at the beach trying to make the perfect sandcastle, because they smell funny // a last-minute kind of person when it comes to school, but a month-before person when it comes to ice skating // a sports fan- Giants baseball (even though they really suck right now), Michael Phelps, Giants Football // a person who prefers using the word 'silly' instead of 'stupid', even though Soulja Boy's 'Get Silly' kind of ruined it for her // more of a commenter than a blogger, and more of a reader than a writer // really, really cool//

she wishes

she was better at baking, because she has always dreamed of running her own bakery // to find those 'Lefty/Righty' socks that she didn't buy from Aero because they were 6 dollars and she thought they were to expensive then, but regrets it now // to be able to manage her time better so she could get her plans sorted out // for a snowy day where she lives- because she doesn't have a memory of playing in the snow // she knew how to swim- and fast, because she needs to join a sports team and Michael Phelps makes it look damn fun

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27 dresses, acoustic, all time low, alternative, archery, asian dramas, avatar: the last airbender, awkward moments, babysitting, backstreet boys, baseball, batman beyond, beauty and the beast, ben 10: alien force, biking, board games, boy bands, boy meets world, california adventure, candles, capcom, cartoons, chick flicks, chocolate covered pretzels, college, color, colored pens, concerting, concerts, cooking mama, crayola, danny phantom, disney, disneyland, doctor who, dream high, driving, duct tape, ea games, epic music, facebook, fairly oddparents, fire emblem, floorplans, fresh laundry, friends, game of thrones, gossip, green tea, grey, guitar hero, gym, hanging out with friends, harry potter, harvest moon, heavy rain, hercules, hg tv, himym, host club, ice cream, iceskating, ike, in time with you, jack johnson, juice, kaicho wa maid-sama, karaoke, kid shows, kiki's delivery service, kingdom hearts, kittens, laughing, legend of zelda, lego batman, love actually, marathons, mario party, marvel, marvel vs capcom, matt nathanson, maxis, milk chocolate, monsters inc, mortal kombat, movies, music, naruto, nicktoons, nintendo, noodles, nsync, oldies, once upon a time, onerepublic, orange, ouran hs host club, peeling corn, photography, piano, pixar, playing piano, power pop, quelf, quotes, rain, reading, running, ryan gosling, scrubs, secret garden, sf giants, shiny stuff, shopping, singing, skating, sleep, sticky notes, street fighter, super smash bros, swatches, swimming, taboo, talking, talking on the phone, tarzan, tdi, tennis, texting, the adventures of pattington bear, the avengers, the hunger games, the little mermaid, the maze runner, the mazerunner, the sims, the sims 3, the sims medieval, the truth about forever, theme parks, this lullaby, toradora, totally spies, tumblr, twister, ultimate alliance, uno, vietnamese food, violin, vitaminwater, walks, walt disney, watching movies, watching shows, we the kings, wii, writing, x-men, x-men:first class, yellowcard
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